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District 14: Associates' Rehearsal 6

| Documentation by Syarifuddin Sahari |

7:30pm - 9:30pm, Geylang Serai

The associates shared some thoughts before starting with the debrief:

- Haizad:

o Mind was thinking more of the outcome.

§ Collecting ideas for the final filming.

§ Allowing the elements to inspire.

§ Noticed that some went back to comfort zone.

o Witnessed the acknowledgement of internalisation of the tasks.

o Understanding of own body to the space (including biases).

o To have the option to code switch in and out of comfort zone.

o Focused on what was going on at the moment.

- Syimah chose Tanjong Katong Complex for her Rasa filming location.

- Hasyimah chose the shop with many things in Haig Road.

- Xiao Jun wanted to record at 1 merchant shop and another shot at Kinex.

- 3 scenes after Rasa:

o Associates will separate from Tanjong Katong Complex; next shot will be at Zarina’s house where the associates will pass the dumpling to the MKAC patients, the invited artists will pass the white cloth to the youths youths and MKAC patients will come together (as inter-generational symbology for NAC) MKAC and youths will uncover the dumpling where Haizad will try to choreograph that moment.

o When passing the dumpling to MKAC, the associates to hold on to the notion / embody the prompt into their movements. They will pair up with the MKAC patients to create a “duet” (though it does not need to be exaggerated or show a literal meaning).

o Intention is the prompt, to be shown through the body, though it is uncertain at this point if the patients are responding to the associates.

o The associates should try to remember / keep what was done and remember the process during the rehearsal.

- Hasyimah

o The term ‘embodiment’ is oversimplifying the actual process.

o Does not depict the thought processes / hidden inside / research done, how it transfers

from object / idea to the body.

Exploring what is embodiment.

They then had a debrief and exchanging of thoughts about their explorations:

1st Task (Observing circular / curves and lines) & 2nd Task:

- Ismail:

o Keywords: Carpet, words, ‘baju’.

o Malay is heavily influenced by Middle Eastern, and a modernised genre.

o Lines reminded of calligraphy.