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Rehearsal 6, 18 February 2020

7pm – 11pm

Rumah P7:1SMA

The main focus of the rehearsal was the prepare for the first preview the next day, where specific audience were invited to share their dramaturgical lenses in an earlier part of the process, especially now with the nCov virus situation and the actual showing has been pushed back, leaving ample time to consider and apply changes if necessary. With that being mentioned, Haizad wanted to use the rehearsal time to recall, recap, rehearse and fine-tune the segments even further.


Warming up for the final rehearsal before the first audience viewing.

He first stated that for the Medicine segment, there will be no bowl, rice nor food colouring and he will explain it to the audience to clarify if needed. The collaborators first went through the “rifle drill” routine in the Slam segment, a part they were most uncertain with, to which one of them commented, “It is harder to recall as compared to the Umbrella choreography.”

They then proceeded to run through the work in chronological order and added in refinements for some:

- Scan: Their expressions should be a bit more serious, and really project/look into the distance.

- U.K’s:

o To follow the eye line of whoever that came into the scene before them

o They clarified the scenes through conversation, and pointed out that the sequence and setting of scenes we fixed but not their positions (Note: their conversation kept the segment organic, however they would not be doing so for the actual performance, which then gives a different vibe/energy/tone for the segment.)

o They then tried once with the song

§ There were occurrences of the collaborators shifting/adjusting their gaze accordingly to the last person as they were out of eye line.

§ There were additional actions before and after their poses/as they were going in and out of poses.

- New Boyz:

o They straightaway rehearsed with the song.

o Added in the shaking of each other’s hands, looking down, then facing the audience as they smile widely/in an exaggerated manner.

o There was a re-emphasis of maintaining the rhythm throughout the segment.

o “Serious funny”

o Notes: This segment is ‘inexplicit satire’, and one could say that a particular group of people (that the collaborators are intending to portray) are like a boyband

- Umbrella:

o The collaborators recalled the choreography, then rehearsed with the music.

o There were two narratives being told in the segment, demonstrated by the two pairs.

o Notes:

§ Haizad had to go through the choreography a few times, perhaps because he had mostly stepped out during rehearsals as the conceptualiser.

§ There is some semblance of the Asli rhythm in the song, which may have inspired the desire to perform Malay folk dance in this segment.

- Medicine: They recalled the segment, and then rehearsed with the song.

o Xiao Jun mentioned that she would prefer to use a bowl (or something similar to repres