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SWF Dirty Feet: 20 September 2019

| Documentation by Chloe Chotrani |

We screamed, ran, and explored corners of SAC that we haven’t before. We played hide and seek around Stamford Arts Centre for about 40 minutes. The usual silent walls were colored with our running footsteps!

Play gave us the release necessary to go into the studio to explore individual movement generation exercises. We explored the following textures:

1. Rattan

2. Fish

3. Sack of rice

4. Rambutan

5. Secret

Collectively, we tried to make a majestic big head fish shape. We failed.

A good way to start.

How do we explore aspects of the book through playing games?

How can we follow Ali’s adventure?

What are ideas to strengthen the bond of children (ages 4-8) as audience?

Concluding that: designing the performance and set up as an essential process to connect with children. Simplicity is actually, a lot of effort and complexity.

What are strategies we can show the children to see clearly what they need to do? While sharing the narrative of the Ghost of Dirty Feet?

Essentially, the purpose is to create a unifying bond between the children and the performers. A different purpose, as compared to usual notions of performance, as entertainment for children.

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