1st Edition: 26 July 2019

Nak Dara Garu

Hasyimah Harith

Notes on the bicentennial of a f/l/ound/er/ing

Jill Tan

Salon Girl: Artist s Salon Worker

Joey Chin

2nd Edition: 27 September 2019

Nowhere 2

Yoko Choi

Hikayat Raja Babi

Wright Assembly

3rd Edition: 29 November 2019

Single mothers

Dwayne Ng &

Isaiah Lee


Elizabeth Jeanne Ortega

4th Edition: 31st January 2020

Nak Dara:

Circle time

Hasyimah Harith

dissenting bodies marking time:

Insights from the Venice International Performance Art Week 2020

Norhaizad Adam

Nights ago when i felt blue

Theo Chen

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