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Our Name

P7:1SMA (pronounced as PRISMA) refers to prism in Malay.

The letter 'R' and 'I' is replaced with 7:1 to symbolise the optical element of the triangular prism. Light is reflected to evoke spectral colours.

Our Philosophy:

Dance is a strategy, Malay is a concept

P7:1SMA, also referred to as Prisma, is a dance performance company helmed by Norhaizad Adam. Our core ethos revolves around the belief

that "Dance is a strategy, and Malay is a concept." Through our creative endeavors, we navigate the intricate blend of tradition and contemporary practices. Our mission is twofold: to delve into moral complexities

and to push the boundaries of tradition.


At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to respect and reciprocity. By confronting moral dilemmas head-on, we aim to challenge entrenched traditions, fostering a space where new understandings can flourish. Through our innovative works, we seek to reshape perceptions of

Malay culture and identity, inviting audiences to explore new

realms of thought and appreciation.

Our Mission: T.R.I


To promote experiential programmes that

deepen knowledge, appreciation and possibilities of dance.


To support research and creation process,

connecting dance and arts communities.


To produce performances that encourage

critical discourse and challenge perspectives.

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