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PERMISI is a non-curated platform for anyone to make it and share it with friends from our larger community. Since 2019, 23 artists from varied disciplines have benefited from this open sharing.

'Permisi' is an interjection in Malay-Indonesian that is commonly used in speech to apologise when seeking a clarification. This effort is a homage to Eng Kai Er's 'Make it Share it' Philosophy. 


We recognise that performance-making can be a personal and intimate experience. Our hope is to encourage you to have agency to make and share ideas, with no need to seek permission. Enjoy being in dialogue and meeting different supporters of the Arts.  


Open to All Artists

(All levels of training, discipline & experience)

  • Each PERMISI will include 3-6 artist sharing.

  • All artists will be provided a max. of 10 hour exploration/ rehearsal time at Rumah P7:1SMA within 2 months before the sharing date.

  • Each artist will be given 30 mins, inclusive of performance and dialogue time.

  • PERMISI will be open to the public by registration (max. 20 pax).

  • Public admission fee will be by donation ($10-$50) to finance studio rental fee and continue this efforts.

Submission Process

  • Selection will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Priority will be given to artists that have not already participated in PERMISI: Open Sharing.

  • Submission is requested earlier so as to consider time for publicity and increase audience registrations.


In 2017, Eng Kai Er, the infamous scientist-turn-dance artist, founded Make It Share It (MISI), a community-run performing studio for artists to gather, learn, and share. Each month, they would run an Open Stage programme, which hosted dancers, theatre practitioners, and even poets. MISI closed its doors in December 2018, two short years after its inception. Eng Kai Er then made an incredibly generous decision to donate their dance mats to Rumah P7:1SMA. The spirit of MISI then lives on at P7:1SMA; witnessing and supporting the creation process and capability development of our associate artists.


Permisi is a homage to Kai Er and the philosophy that built MISI. Permisi will renew her mission in creating an unrestrained platform for artists to perform and share their works.




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