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Renungan mata mencermin diri,
Ikhlasnya dari jantung ke hati.
Hulur tangan bisikan naluri,
Maaf zahir dan batin kembali.

This performance embodies stories from elders in our Malay-Muslim community. As we approach our last breath, this is a collective gesture to reflect on actions and inactions in our relationships.

Elders are the epitome of wisdom. As such, we learn to make meaning of different life experiences and challenges of physical mobility in old age. P7:1SMA (Prisma) weekly engagement with a group of elders from Montfort Care - Goodlife! Bedok entails mutual sharing of stories about asking for forgiveness, letting go of regrets and accepting loss. 

Central to respecting the processual nature of life, we hope to make social change possible through our performance. Our time together with our community elders is a gift to reflect on our quality of life in this temporary world.


21 & 23 Sep 2022
Heartbeat @ Bedok, Atrium

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