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Creation process video

Insights to Loading/Unloading Creation Process
by Corrie Tan, Writer-in-residence

Read more about our creation process below

P7:1SMA live activation dates
Activation in gallery
Activation in lift
Activation in lift
Activation in loading bay
Activation in loading bay

Loading/Unloading, Archival Photography from Singapore Art Museum

gallery 1
Sat, 3 - 4pm, 18 June, 23 July, 3 Sept
cargo lift 9
Sat, 3 - 4pm, 25 June, 6 Aug
loading bay
Sat, 3 - 4pm, 9 July, 13 Aug


Choreographer and Performer: Norhaizad Adam
Associates and Performers:
Adi Aiyad, Sonia Kwek, Valerie Lim

Writer-in-residence: Corrie Tan
Sound design: Chong Li-Chuan
Video production: (paraphrase)

Set design: Tay Ining
Prop Fabricators: Ada Adhiyatma, Biswas Biswajit,

Liu Guanfang, Chnchl Mohammad

Project Managers: Hasyimah Harith, Md. Hariz Bakri

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