June 4, 2019

Review: Complexnya

Complexities of Spaces and Bodies

Isaac Tan


June 4, 2019

Review: Complexnya

Complexnya, a movement love letter to Singapore

Valerie Lim, FiveLines


June 1, 2019

Review: Complexnya

Complexnya by Dance In Situ x P7:1SMA



May 28, 2019

Review: Dance in Situ x P7:1SMA: Complexnya



May 28, 2019

Interview with Cheoreographer, Norhaizad Adam

Isaac Tan


Corrie Tan

March 17, 2019

Review: District 18 

"District 18" by P7:1SMA

"It’s noon and oppressively hot and my shadow’s hiding beneath me from the sun. I’m making my way to the Tampines Round Market & Food Centre (“pasar bulat”), which is just a fifteen-minute busride from my home, but I feel like a complete tourist in this food centre despite the fact that it’s in the district just next door to mine."




April 10, 2017


NGOPI finishes with a bittersweet taste

"Choreographer, Norhaizad Adam negotiates coffee culture; the tasty, the ugly and the horrendous take over of corporations on the reach and delicious coffee bean."

Ezekiel Oliveira, FiveLines


April 3, 2017

Review:  NGOPI

"Ngopi" by P7:1SMA: Stop and Smell the Coffee

"The audience steps through the door of the Drama Centre Black Box into an arena of wooden crates and sacking, the whiff of wood and coffee beans in the warm light of a late afternoon."

Chan Sze-Wei, Arts Equator


October 21, 2016

Young artists attempt to bring to life past memories and hidden histories of Kreta Ayer

"Hanging Milo tins and a missing five-legged chicken feature in Pop-Up Noise at Kreta Ayer Square.."

Nabilah Said, The Straits Times


October 14, 2016

Down Chinatown's memory lane

sago lane

"YOUNG Singapore artists are going to reconnect with Chinatown and "transform" Kreta Ayer Square for one week in the first Pop-up Noise: Soul Searching event."

Cheah Ui-Hoon, The Business Times


March 30, 2016

Review: Belon

"This past weekend, P7:1SMA – a new contemporary dance company focusing on Asian contemporary dance and rooted in the Malay dance form – had their debut production Belon, a contemplative piece that was more mentally challenging than I had expected it to be."

Hazwanny, Managing The Malay Arts


March 27, 2016

Review: Old meets new in dance performance, Belon

"During the post-show dialogue of P7:1SMA's (pronounced as Prisma) performance, Belon, its young artistic director Norhaizad Adam, or Haizad as he is better known, was shy when answering difficult questions about the problematic discourse on the dichotomy between the traditional and contemporary."

Lee Mun Wai, The StraitsTimes


October 14, 2016

Tari Melayu kontemporari 'terbang' ke Austria 

Norhaizad Adam performs his short work "Belon" to an international audience at ATLAS Residency for ImPulsTanz Festival. 

NurMaya Alias, Berita Harian



March 28, 2018

Podcast 37: "Joget" "Intersections: Traditionally Speaking"

"This month they discuss two programmes that took place earlier this month: the first is Joget, presented at the Esplanade and featuring the work of four Singaporean choreographers: Norisham Osman, Norhaizad Adam, Badarudin Hassan and Hasyimah Harith..."

Chan Sze-Wei, Chloe Chotrani, Soultari Amin Farid


October 14, 2016


Norhaizad Adam

"Dancer/Choreographer Norhaizad Adam fuses traditional Malay Dance with contemporary moves to break down perceptions."

Joel Tan, The 'A' List Issue 52


March 22, 2016

Getting into character-

in the loo

"Dancer-choreographer Norhaizad Adam is the founder of a new dance group called Prisma, which aims to blend Malay traditional dance with contemporary dance."

Lee Jian Xuan, The StraitsTimes