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A Dance by P7:1SMA performed for

Arts in the Cube programme under

NAC Arts & Culture Nodes Initiative

at Asia Square 

Kemas, translated in English, means ‘tidy' and "to clean up' in Malay. It is customary before festive seasons, that people and their houses do some spring cleaning. Exploring meticulous behaviour and everyday household chores, we invite you to imagine a sense of healing experienced in our mind and body when cleaning. 

Duration: Approx. 20 minutes

Photos by Asia Square


Cast & Crew


Norhaizad Adam


Chew Shaw En

Elizabeth Ortega 

Jonit On

Md Hariz Bakri

Sonia Kwek

Xie Shangbin

Percussion Music

Aameer Hassim

Mohamed NasrulHaq Bin Mohamed Kamsani

Project Manager

Nurbaiyah Abdul Fattah


Danial Zulqarnian Putra Bin Hashim

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