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A Dance by P7:1SMA performed as part of the

30 Days of Art Series | Presented by The Straits Times 

and supported by National Arts Council

You have the right to observe this global pandemic as a disruption or an equaliser. When all this is over, the audience and artists will have an essential decision to make. Will you still belong to a collective pulse and place in a theatre?

Duration: 7 minutes



Hasyimah Harith

Ismail Jemaah

Jonit On

Kow Xiao Jun

Muhammad Sharul

Sonia Kwek 

Syarifuddin Sahari 

Syimah Sabtu

Valerie Lim

Xie Shangbin

Concept & Direction by

Norhaizad Adam

Videographer & Editor

Md Al-Hafiz Bin Hosni

Reinterpreted by

Syafiq Halid

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