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P7:1SMA, also referred to as Prisma, is a dance performance company helmed by Norhaizad Adam. Our core ethos revolves around the belief that "Dance is a strategy, and Malay is a concept." Through our creative endeavors, we navigate the intricate blend of tradition and contemporary practices. Our mission is twofold: to delve into moral complexities and to push the boundaries of tradition.


At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to respect and reciprocity. By confronting moral dilemmas head-on, we aim to challenge entrenched traditions, fostering a space where new understandings can flourish. Through our innovative works, we seek to reshape perceptions of Malay culture and identity, inviting audiences to explore new realms of thought and appreciation.



Our Story

Trained in Traditional Malay dance under the tutelage of Azmi Juhari (Singapore), Norhaizad Adam and Hasyimah Harith had vast experience with mastering, performing and educating traditional Malay dance basic forms such as Asli, Inang, Masri, Joget and Zapin. We had a dilemma; to stay with the traditional routines or to feed his growing desire to venture out into conceptualising contemporary ideas. This fuelled our curiosity to explore the equilibrium between traditional and contemporary and craft original creative work outside of traditional Malay conventions.


With existing international connections and desire to achieve professional standard, Norhaizad has a strong belief in introducing our traditional Malay form to the international dance world through his contemporary work.  He desires to create works that connects and questions, investigating the essence of human conditions and interventions. Every atmosphere in his works induces mind-altering and evocative moments that seem to linger on.


A compelling chemistry connected Hariz, Hasyimah & Haizad as there is a common obsession to uncover grey areas. Then, they pique on each other's curiosity to craft questions. This investigative treatment guides their research processes in a work.


P7:1SMA (pronounced as Prisma) is a dance company that creates in the intersections of tradition and contemporary. At the core of what they do, dance is a strategy and Malay is a concept. The company is founded by Norhaizad Adam, an independent dance artist who is competent in Malay Folk Dance and performance-making. 


P7:1SMA believes that little things matter and relationships are built on respect and reciprocity. Ideations and research draw from moral or ethical dilemmas, and their body of work uses an investigative and innovative process to question traditions and histories. Their collective vision is for an Arts economy that is centred on agency and pleasure.


To cast light on grey voids or the in-betweens in our social landscape.


To exhibit a distinct yet subtle movement language linked to Malay philosophy. 


To inspire investigative and innovative processes based on traditions and histories.


To provide capacity-building opportunities to the community through movement and choreography.









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