08. BAH

This epilogue marks a gesture that takes root in the notion of procession. That hijrah (migration), that culmination of BAH, (flood), that eventuality of pasir berubah (transforming lands), will all converge in this moment of time at the open space of Joo Chiat Complex.


With everyone coming together in a public space, we weave in and out of the virtual and physical, forming a full circle of life. This epilogue revels on the themes discovered in the earlier stages of District 14; the sense of losing, excavating and rebirthing of personal and collective meanings about Geylang Serai. Then, holding space for each other to uncover the 7 concealed objects donated by our dear Geylang Serai merchants. 

An epilogue film that shares our multiple perspectives and hopes about District 14. One that does not remain in a bout of nostalgia, but the rebirthing of new ways of knowing a place like Geylang Serai.

Final BAH  filming at

Joo Chiat Complex


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The sentient sense of losing, excavating, rebirthing new meanings.



Artist Collaborators

Diana Rahim

Noor Iskandar

Rosmainy Buang

Zarina Muhammad

Nhawfal Juma’at

Mysara Aljaru

Norhaizad Adam

P7:1SMA Associate Artists

Sonia Kwek

Ismail Jemaah

Jonit On

Hasyimah Harith

Valerie Lim

Kow Xiao Jun

Syimah Sabtu

Muslim Kidney Action Association (MKAC) Participants

Mihrul Nisa Pakeer Malimar 

Hatri Kamsuri

Mohd Rifa’ie Abdullah

Md Fawzi Daud

Firdaus Mohd Abdullah

Ahmad Anwar Umar

Majmin Mohammad Noor


Azpirasi Youth Champions

Nur Fasihah Kamin 

Nur Umairah Idris 

Romero Norliza

Nurul Amira Mohd Azlin 

Nursyafiqah Azan

Atrika Youth Champions

Haziq Noorazwa

Nurliyana Shukor


Noor Iskandar

Syimah Sabtu

Norhaizad Adam

Artistic Director

Norhaizad Adam


Hasyimah Harith

Co-producer / Website

Hariz Bakri

Project Managers

Nurbaiyah Abdul Fattah

Syarifuddin Sahari


Syarifuddin Sahari

Koh Maan Lin



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Videographers /
Video Editors / Stills

Grace Baey

Joe Nair

Official Photographer / Creatives

Noor Iskandar

Everyone was then invited to learn the phrase together, done in a circle. Haizad shared that the phrase had influences from Silat (a Malay martial art form) and that its speed is rather slow. He also went through a simple step-tap to be used as the foundation for the joget lambak segment. They then tried the last segment together with music, where everyone is in the center, performing the phrase and going into the free movement / party segment.

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Syarifuddin Sahari