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08. BAH


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This epilogue marks a gesture that takes root in the notion of procession. That hijrah (migration), that culmination of BAH, (flood), that eventuality of pasir berubah (transforming lands), will all converge in this moment of time at the open space of Joo Chiat Complex.


With everyone coming together in a public space, we weave in and out of the virtual and physical, forming a full circle of life. This epilogue revels on the themes discovered in the earlier stages of District 14; the sense of losing, excavating and rebirthing of personal and collective meanings about Geylang Serai. Then, holding space for each other to uncover the 7 concealed objects donated by our dear Geylang Serai merchants. 

An epilogue film that shares our multiple perspectives and hopes about District 14. One that does not remain in a bout of nostalgia, but the rebirthing of new ways of knowing a place like Geylang Serai.

Final BAH  filming at

Joo Chiat Complex


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The sentient sense of losing, excavating, rebirthing new meanings.