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Concept /
Artistic Director /

Artist Collaborator

Norhaizad Adam is a dance artist and performance maker based in Singapore. Trained in Malay folk dance, he has developed a post-dance artistic practice that observes how concepts of nationalism and traditionalism have affected the Malay body. He continually blurs the rules and transmission of the Malay folk form, thus subverting the way minority identity is constructed and sustained. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of P7:1SMA Ltd.

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Concept /
Artist Collaborator

Syimah’s practices derive from her contemporary dance background and as a Malay folk dancer in her early years of dance experience. She believes in exploration, in not being bound by a genre, forms or disciplines. In her works, she is interested to explore and connect with elements nested in the mind and bodies she works with; their histories, textures, and beliefs, to name a few. Her current research dives into the dualities of being.

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Project Manager

Since May 2019, Nurbaiyah has assisted in managing the P7:1SMA's social media to engage and reach out to a wider audience. She managed projects such as Kemas, Properties, Nak Dara and other community engagement of the company.

Nurbaiyah also enjoys performing during her free time and is currently an active (alumni) member of SMURENTAK (@smurentak). 

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Student Documentarian

Koh Maan Lin is an undergraduate majoring in Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Previously, she was a school journalist for Jurong Junior College, and recently shifted her focus in writing towards performance through her Theatre Criticism module, facilitated by Corrie Tan. Maan Lin is a dancer who was trained in Chinese dance, contemporary dance, and jazz, but now practices popping and locking with NUS Funkstyles. Maan Lin is constantly seeking fresh and new opportunities to expand her knowledge on the local dance community, and build relationships with the people within it. When she is not drowning in assignments or dancing, she likes to watch Netflix and talk to her plants.

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Artist Collaborator

Sonia moves, makes and shares through varying mediums: often, she is performer, co-creator and/or facilitator in projects spanning across disciplines. Sonia's practice is driven by a fascination with the body, particularly in examining the material(ity) of the body and and questioning body politics as a womxn. Sonia seeks to shape space/time for intimate encounters and visceral experiences in her work, as a way to open alternative perspectives about the in-between and unspoken. Sonia is a graduate of the Intercultural Theatre Institute and also holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries with Distinction from Queensland University of Technology. Currently, she is an associate artist with P7:1SMA and associate member of Dance Nucleus. Sonia also works regularly as a life model. 

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Artist Collaborator

Traditionally trained in Gamelan for the past 10 years, Rose looks forward to creating and collaborating with other art forms and practitioners. Fuelled by the philosophy of gamelan in which establishing a relationship between the musician and the music requires more than hitting the right notes, Rose aspires to ascend towards rasa - the highest form of aesthetics in Karawitan.

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Artist Collaborator

Zarina Muhammad is a Singapore-based artist, educator and researcher whose practice is deeply entwined with a critical re-examination of oral histories, ethnographic literature and other historiographic accounts about Southeast Asia. Working at the intersections of performance, mixed media installation, text, ritual, sound and moving image, she is interested in the broader contexts of myth-making, haunted historiographies and role of the artist as “cultural ventriloquist” who lends multiple voices to spectral matters and speculative histories. She has been working on a long-term project on Southeast Asia’s provisional relationship to the otherworldly, ritual magic and the immaterial against the dynamics of global modernity and the social production of rationality.

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Artist Collaborator

Valerie believes life must be spent pursing what makes us feel the most alive. The mysteries of the human body, multi-disciplinary and immersive works deeply thrill her. Two immersive experiences she has presented includes: San Junipero, an invitation to come to terms with one's mortality and Tardigrade Estate, which invited audiences to create their own virtual paradise. Her desire to expand her movement practice brought her on a two month trip across Europe to learn from Tomislav English, David Zambrano, Ido Portal, Bruno Canverna (Formless Arts), Fighting Monkey, Eduardo Torroja (Ultima Vez). Her current movement practice involves stepping out of her comfort zone by cross training with different movement practices.

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Artist Collaborator

Graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with Masters of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Arts (Architecture), Kow Xiao Jun works predominantly in the field of dance, theatre and design. Since her first contact with the arts scene in 1995, not only does she perform, she has also been teaching and nurturing the young since 2007. She recently started her director journey, working with CHIA on Mr Magnolia (2017) which received the Life! Theatre Award Best Production for the Young 2018 and ANG Gey Pin on The Silly Little Girl and The Funny Old Tree (2019). She continues to venture in her artistic journey by collaborating with and learning from various companies and freelance artists.

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Videographer /

Video Editor / Photographer

Joe Nair is a Singapore based photographer and visual artist. Making images that center on the individual in relation to urban society and the spaces in-between. An instructor and mentor for the intensive photography workshop for youth, Junior Shooting Home, organized by Objectifs: Centre of Photography and Filmmaking. Joe also regularly helps to teach corporate and school workshops at the centre. He pays the bills as a freelance photojournalist, specializing in news and sports assignments. Starting as freelancer for The Straits Times in 2007, Joe currently strings regularly for The Business Times, The Associated Press and takes on other corporate and commercial assignments.




Community Collaborator

The Pasar Geylang Serai Merchants’ Association is made up of a passionate group of shop owners and hawkers operating their businesses at Geylang Serai Market. In 2019, with funding support from the Vibrant Hawker Centres Programme, Pasar Geylang Merchants’ Association brought various music performances by live band and cultural groups into the hawker centre to celebrate major occasions like Hari Raya, National Day and Deepavali. Holding events under the Vibrant Hawker Centres programme has helped to enliven the hawker centre and its surrounding areas, bringing more people to the market.


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Community Collaborator

Atrika Dance Company is formed since 1994 for the sole purpose of making malay dance, for everyone. Founded by Artistic Director, Mazlina Buang, she has helped many young hopeful dancers to find a place where they can feel belonged. Training in 3 distinctive styles, Malay Traditional Dance, Contemporary Dance and Street Dance, Atrika has formed a unique style and direction that has differed from others. Making the dancers to be versatile and every ready for weddings services, corporate shows, dance productions and many more performances.



  • Muhammad Nur Haziq Bin Noorazwa

  • Nurliyana Binte Shukor

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Our Philosophy: 

Dance is a strategy, Malay is a concept

P7:1SMA (pronounced as Prisma) is a dance performance company that embodies traditional and contemporary practices. Our body of work advocates for hope and pleasure.


We focus on the relevance of culture across communities. We radically shift the perspective of Malay dance through intimate and innovative performance experiences.

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Concept / Creatives
Artist Collaborator /

Official Photographer

Noor Iskandar is a multidisciplinary artist and adjunct lecturer. His practice delves into Islamic aesthetics and spirituality, whilst probing notions of losing, death and remembering. His works have been exhibited and published both in Singapore as well as internationally including London, Valencia, Pingyao, Belfast and Bandung. Noor also dabbles in poetry writing independently, as well as public workshops and presentations of his practice for diverse communities. He is intrigued by the sacrality of feelings, and the power as well as failings of words. He too, is obsessed with Iran, the after scent of rain, old books and double McSpicy. In 2018, he published his first poetry collection entitled For[god].

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Producer /
Artist Collaborator

Hasyimah Harith has agency to reclaim power over her body. She plays with pleasure and celebrates ‘nafsu’. With love for her Malay folk dance training, she seeks a sense of community that acts and has relevance today. She often questions nature and nurture through the lens of a Malay woman today. Hasyimah enjoys bringing private acts into public space.

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Project Manager Intern /


Syarifuddin’s movements are derived from elements and tools of Street Dance. His exploration transcends genres and labels, focusing on embodiment and transmission. An explorer of the mind and the imagination; intrigue, wonder and understanding are some of the fuels that drive his actions and behaviour.

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Artist Collaborator

Diana Rahim is the editor of Beyond The Hijab, a platform and community for Singaporean Muslim women. Her interests revolve around feminism, class, and race. Her recent visual work has been attentive to the politics of public space.

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Artist Collaborator

A dancer and choreographer trained in Malay performing art forms, Ismail Jemaah moves and creates through the lens of his roots as his catalyst. While also a resident instructor and choreographer with Azpirasi under artistic director and founder, Mr. Azmi Juhari, over the years Ismail has enjoyed collaborating, creating and/or learning from individuals and groups such as Tom Ibnur, Osman Abdul Hamid, Wright Assembly and Kaizen M.D, to name a few. Ismail seeks to observe how the world we live in, can be shared, through the body we move with... while having a little fun too. 

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Artist Collaborator

Jonit is a dance artist in Singapore. Since graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, she has been working as a performer for various local companies and independent projects. She also supplements her training with intensives and workshops locally and overseas which exposes her to various movement styles including the Malay traditional form. She has had the privilege of working with and performing works by Danielle Agami, Norhaizad Adam, Anthea Seah, Lim Fei Shen, Ezekiel Oliveira.

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Artist Collaborator

Nhawfal Juma'at (b.1991) lives and works in Singapore. He graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art in 2012 and in 2016; he received his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Art from Loughborough University in partnership with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He has exhibited extensively in Singapore in recent years and has also embarked on a curatorial role with his recent curatorial project, Pneuma: Of Spirituality in a Contemporary Age (2020) in conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2020 and have also curated Landscapes of Our Mind (2018), as a form of advocacy for mental wellness,showcasing the works of clients from Club HEAL. Nhawfal is currently teaching as an adjunct lecturer in the art academies and as an art instructor with Club Heal, a psychiatric rehabilitation center.

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Artist Collaborator

Mysara Aljaru is a lens-based practitioner, researcher and writer. A former documentary producer, she is currently researching mainstream media discourse on the Malay community's development. Her works, based on personal experiences and research, explore and reimagine dominant narratives through different mediums. Working at the intersections of art and academia, her artistic practice explores the politics of space and power structures in the process of narrative making.

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Videographer /

Video Editor / Photographer

Grace Baey is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Singapore. Trained as a human geographer, she has a keen eye and sensitivity for crafting human-interest stories that are authentic, meaningful, and engaging. Her work often deals with issues of social marginalisation and community development, and her personal projects focus on transgender and queer identity in Singapore and Southeast Asia. She is a member of @womenphotograph @diversifyphoto @authoritycollective @equallens .






Community Collaborator

The Muslim Kidney Action Association (MKAC) was founded as a non-profit social service organization for the benefit of the chronically ill members of our community (including kidney and organ failure patients) and their families. Since 1990, MKAC has provided assistance to kidney patients and their families in more ways than just monetary handouts. MKAC provides assistance to the whole family to provide well-rounded holistic benefits, as we believe that a strong family supports the kidney patient just as well as other forms of assistance. MKAC’s services are open to persons from all races and religions.



  • Mihrul Nisa Binte Pakeer Malimar 

  • Hatri Bin Kamsuri

  • Mohd Rifa’ie Bin Abdullah

  • Md Fawzi Bin Daud

  • Firdaus Bin Mohd Abdullah

  • Ahmad Anwar Bin Umar

  • Majmin Binte Mohammad Noor

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Community Collaborator

Azpirasi continuously carves a name for itself in the national dance arena. It was founded in 2000 with less than 10 members. Having performed a number of shows all over Singapore and Internationally, the dancers have shown an extreme level of commitment and dedication to their craft. With this in mind, Azpirasi strives to heighten one's sensorial experiences by exposing the individual to an array of colours and sounds. Azpirasi has matured over the years through collaborations with other professional and semi- professional dance troupes in and around the region. What was once just a vague dream of main choreographer and "father", Azmi Juhari, it is now a group that dares to aspire, dream and inspire. Over the years, much has been done to refine and hone its craft.



  • Nur Fasihah Binte Kamin

  • Nur Umairah Idris

  • Romero Norliza @ Norliza Binte Hamzah

  • Nurul Amira Binte Mohd Azlin

  • Nursyafiqah Azan

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Community Collaborator

Haig Girls’ School (HGS) is one of only two government all-girls’ primary schools in Singapore. HGS was established in September 1951 with an enrolment of 200 pupils housed in a double-storey school building at Jalan Tembusu, off Haig Road. In November 1999, the school relocated to its current site at Koon Seng Road. Today, HGS has an enrolment of more than 1000 pupils. In recent years, the school has been recognised for its excellence in arts education, character education and curriculum innovation.

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Arts Programme

Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN), an initiative by the National Arts Council, brings enriching arts experiences to different neighbourhoods in Singapore. Everyone can enjoy immersive and engaging arts programmes by established artists and arts groups held at various spaces across the island.

Norhaizad Adam
Noor Iskandar
Syimah Sabtu
Hasyimah Harith
Nurbaiyah Abdul Fattah
Syarifuddin Sahari
Diana Rahim
Sonia Kwek
Ismail Jemaah
Rosmainy Buang
Jonit On
Zarina Muhammad
Nhawfal Juma'at
Valerie Lim
Mysara Aljaru
Kow Xiao Jun
Geylang Serai Merchants
Atrika Dance Company
Haig Girls' School
Koh Maan Lin
Grace Baey
Joseph Nair
Arts in Your Neighbourhood
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