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Extended till 27 September

"Biar tenang jiwaku..."

"Let my soul rest..."

You may be feeling emotional today. But guess what? You're allowed to be. 


P7:1SMA shares JIWANG, a karaoke dance film about enjoying excessive emotions and a desire to escape. Be vocal and vulnerable through evergreen Maly Jiwang songs from the 80s - 90s. Let your guard down in a personalised experience. 


Meaning of Jiwang:
Jiwang is a Malay slang referring to excessive romantic, anguish and heartbreaking love. The burst of Jiwang songs (slow rock music) in the 1980s-1990s accompanied the growth of the term Jiwang. It describes an individual's emotional relationship and releases with music and can be a social marker (e.g. a Jiwang person)

Online viewing period: 

Extended till 27 September 2020

Duration: Approximately 50 mins


Concept & Film Direction:

Norhaizad Adam

Artist Collaborators:

Kow Xiao Jun

Sharul Mohd

Syimah Sabtu


Alfian Sa'at


Syarifuddin Sahari


Hasyimah Harith

Hariz Bakri

Assistant Producer:

Sarah Goh

Stage Manager:

Adi Aiyad

Lightning Designer:

Daryl Norman Soh



Videographer, Editor, Branching Programme:

Md Al-Hafiz Bin Hosni

Assistant Videographer:

Zac Denver Lee

Video Captions

Hariz Bakri

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