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"A picture, a thousand words."

- De Silva Alicia Joyce


A Dance by P7:1SMA performed for De Silva Alicia Joyce's 'M',
with visuals by Dreambase



'M' by De Silva Alicia Joyce, was one of the four works for Quinnuance's concert 'Spectrum: Maximally Minimal" on 10th July 2016, adhering to the prescribed theme of Minimalism. The composers challenged themselves to write music that had a minimalist element, and include visual media as part of the performance. The result is an introspective programme of world premieres that ponder upon memories and the meaning of life.


'M', the roman numeral for 1,000, references the repeating phrase,

“A picture, a thousand words” from a poem that Alicia wrote. It explores the possibilities of loss, the fear of losing one’s self (identity), the tension and conflict between the past and present, the recollection, and even possibly the disintegration of memories.


A note develops into a musical motif, and it unfolds into a phrase, like a memory recalled. Or even a memory that consumes the being.


The choreography adds a physical dimension to the work—a manifestation of the abstract (memories, thoughts and sound) into something visual

and tangible.


"I feel that we don't usually get to choose and decide which memories to hold on to. We're either attracted to a particular memory or a particular memory keeps haunting us. Just like a magnet."

– Norhaizad Adam, Choreographer


Duration: Approx. 10 minutes



Photos by Quinnuance & nat.tan | photography