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BENDA (an object) is a pebble that flows the current but stays behind. It holds. It follows. It takes root. It grips. Benda shapes the district. Benda becomes the bodies. The remnants, the relics. Benda stares into the departed bodies and offers a folk melody.

Rampai means to mix. Bunga rampai is often made and given out during special occasions. Assortment of flowers and pandan leaves are shredded thinly, before added fragrance to be given out to guests. Merampai looks at the idea of destroying what is already deemed naturally beautiful to recreate something appealing yet temporary, while at the same time exploring what it means to hold on to tradition in this ever-changing urban landscape.

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Mysara Aljaru

Merampai, 2020

Cloth artwork dyed and embellished with paint and bunga rampai (potpourri)

Objects workshop at

Geylang Serai
with Geylang Serai Merchants


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Collaborating with participants and facilitating these workshops have been an interesting and enriching experience. Being able to work with the merchants of the Geylang Serai Market allowed me to hear for themselves, from their own eyes and experience, their relationship and personal connection to the place. Finding out that the merchants also grew up around the area was interesting and while it was unplanned at first, going to their shops to collect the items they had chosen definitely added to the whole experience.

- Mysara Aljaru


"You came back for me... you came back for me... the time you touched my body... I had a feeling you were leaving me…"

A colourful space, a diminishing space, a space to remember.

It has been intriguing working with varied groups of people we might never have a chance to.

Kow Xiao Jun

Benda, 2020


Dance film shot
at Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, Kinex



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