NADA (that of a tone), the voice echoes in a distance. Chatters of yesteryears given new timbre. An excavation of the silenced beneath the mortar. And a wail of yearning. A symphony, a requiem. Exhausted, the Nada whispers,

        "I remember it like it

             was yesterday."

A time canvas. In order to create music, we have to decorate time. But, what happens when time is being removed?

Penuh. Or, complete. I came in to share my perspective of sounds/voices, using my experiences as a gamelan practitioner, highlighting different generic elements that put together sounds/voices, and the returned responses was gold. It got even exciting when I translated these 7 different responses to the context of this project; it became something else. After which when the associate dancer pitched her thoughts on top of these existing materials, NADA expanded. Like, this subject of sound/voices, went around being explored and expressed in many different ways and I'm really looking forward to the final performance.

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Rosmainy Buang

Once Upon A Time, 2020

Cloth artwork decorated with tape

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Music workshop
with MKAC participants
at Gamelan Asmaradana


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I am always looking forward to learn something new. This project put me into interesting and unexpected spots and I was very excited to give deep thoughts about every angle of this project that I had to produce from workshop to white cloth.


- Rosmainy Buang


An alien in limbo trying to fit in.

It is mind opening seeing things from a different perspective through storytelling and meeting other artists working on their own dance films.

Jonit On

Nada, 2020


Dance film shot
at City Plaza



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7 soundscapes created with
MKAC participants


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Documented by Koh Maan Lin

The elderly began to talk about their favourite songs. One of the makciks got emotional talking about a song that meant a lot to her, and there was a general consensus that songs from the 1960s were the best as they were the most relatable. For a while, Rose took music requests from the elderly and played them on her computer, while everyone chatted about their memories with music and Geylang Serai. It was nice to see the elderly warming up to each other and connecting through shared experiences.  Read more >

Documentarian Notes



Documented by Syarifuddin Sahari

  • Listening to the audio clip which has ambient sound while walking around; detachment? Connectivity?

  • Echoes of past recordings about the present, heard in the present.

  • Lingering presence, adding to the soul of the place, like snakes shedding their skin and contributing to the forest.


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Collaborators for NADA

Artist Collaborators

Rosmainy Buang

Jonit On

Muslim Kidney

Action Association

(MKAC) Participants

Mihrul Nisa Pakeer Malimar 

Hatri Kamsuri

Mohd Rifa’ie Abdullah

Md Fawzi Daud

Firdaus Mohd Abdullah

Ahmad Anwar Umar

Majmin Mohammad Noor

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Koh Maan Lin