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NADA (that of a tone), the voice echoes in a distance. Chatters of yesteryears given new timbre. An excavation of the silenced beneath the mortar. And a wail of yearning. A symphony, a requiem. Exhausted, the Nada whispers,

        "I remember it like it

             was yesterday."

A time canvas. In order to create music, we have to decorate time. But, what happens when time is being removed?

Penuh. Or, complete. I came in to share my perspective of sounds/voices, using my experiences as a gamelan practitioner, highlighting different generic elements that put together sounds/voices, and the returned responses was gold. It got even exciting when I translated these 7 different responses to the context of this project; it became something else. After which when the associate dancer pitched her thoughts on top of these existing materials, NADA expanded. Like, this subject of sound/voices, went around being explored and expressed in many different ways and I'm really looking forward to the final performance.

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Rosmainy Buang

Once Upon A Time, 2020

Cloth artwork decorated with tape

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Music workshop
with MKAC participants
at Gamelan Asmaradana


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I am always looking forward to learn something new. This project put me into interesting and unexpected spots and I was very excited to give deep thoughts about every angle of this project that I had to produce from workshop to white cloth.


- Rosmainy Buang


An alien in limbo trying to fit in.

It is mind opening seeing things from a different perspective through storytelling and meeting other artists working on their own dance films.

Jonit On

Nada, 2020


Dance film shot
at City Plaza



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