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District 14: Associates' Rehearsal 3

| Documentation by Syarifuddin Sahari |

7:30pm - 9:30pm, Rumah P7:1SMA & Geylang Serai

(This entry is a combination of 2 rehearsals)

Part 1

The associates first carried out a Last Breath with music.

They then responded to soundscapes and audio recordings from the Nada workshop, while keeping a few points in mind:

- Come in one at a time.

- To respond to music via imageries, colours, textures, shapes, lights and sounds that are conjured from the audio.

- To ensure the space between them is never empty.

The audio recordings included old Malay songs sung by the MKAC patients (the participants of the Nada workshop), the ‘gong’, ‘gamelan’ and ambient sounds in the background. The tracks were played in succession and on repeat; the resonance constantly filled the studio throughout the task. An observation was that Sonia’s movements were more pedestrian / gestural in contrast to Syimah, Valerie and Xiao Jun’s.

Taking turns to share a piece of themselves.

After which, they had a Circle Time to round off the rehearsal:

- Sonia:

o Inclined to the words such as, “Tak nak,” (“Don’t want.”).

o Imitated the fierce (Malay) uncles with their hand gestures.

o Tends to juxtapose the fierceness with ‘keroncong’ music.

o Was reminded of time at Geylang, shown through her ticking-like movements.