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CATALYST 2021 - An embedded response by Alyah Amani

CATALYST is an annual incubation programme for P7:1SMA associates that supports research process and performance-making. We hope to inspire artistic practices that grow and embrace failures. Personalised support is given to artists such as unlimited studio time, mentorship circle, feedback with community and administrative support. Since 2018, there have been 4 local artists who have shared their works and creation process with the community.

Read more about shared works and artists here.


Embedded writing and personal response

by Alyah Amani

This marks the first day of Catalyst where 7 artists will be sharing their works and creation process to the community. As I sit here watching Rumah slowly come to life, I take in the calm energy of the room, the silent anticipation and busy hands. Coloured boxes line the floor as the first performer prepares her stage.


Tape town

by Valerie Lim & Melinda Lauw

  • Introduction to Tape Town and how the idea was formulated

  • The gloomy atmosphere of covid gave them the inspiration for this work

- Play on COVID restrictions

- Finger dance & Choreography

- Given time to decorate and create our own finger costumes

- Performance Time!

  • Mood : Playful, Light hearted, Engaging

Artist sharing

Is this meaningful enough for you as the public to continue the movement?

Audience sharing