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Session 9 & 10 - Pemergian

Collated by Hasyimah Harith & Norhaizad Adam

Engagement dates: 4 & 18 August 2022


Movement score contributed by artists and elders:

The Malays think of death as part of a life cycle predestined by God. Malay Muslim funerals follow specific Islamic rites in accordance to syariah (religious laws), and are solemn and dignified affairs. The body of the deceased must be treated with honor and reverence, and handled gently with utmost care at all times. The deceased must also be buried as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of their death.

Read more about Malay Muslim Funerals here

Our movement score for KEMBALI is inspired by the three main processes involved in Muslim funerals which are:-

  1. washing and shrouding the body of the deceased

  2. performing the funeral prayer

  3. the burial process

Movement Score 1: Kemaafan (Forgiveness)

We spend time re-thinking our observed body gestures when we are asking for forgiveness. We shared our personal experiences and tips on how to script the words. Some elders also realised that Hari Raya should not only be the time to say sorry and mend relationship. Some may be awkward to express themselves in Malay in the long run and the 'adat' of asking for forgivess as a morning ritual of Hari Raya may be lost.

  • Renungan (Exhanging eye contact)

  • Bersalaman (shaking of hands)

  • Bisikan (Soft and gentle whispers)

  • Kata-kata (Expressing through words)

  • Pelukan (Physical Embrace)

Movement Score 2: Penyesalan (Regrets)

Movement Score 3: Pemergian (Departure)