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District 14 Associates' Rehearsal 7

| Documentation by Syarifuddin Sahari |

10am - 1pm, Rumah P7:1SMA

The associates carried out an Imitasi to old Malay songs:

- Sonia was scanning the internal landscape of everyone that was present.

- Valerie was trying out new movements.

- Syimah:

o Wanted to move according to what she felt like doing, listening to her body.

o The Imitasi as a segue into the next part with the dumplings.

o Went through filming for Rasa:

§ Syimah comes in first, the rest will join her after 3 minutes.

§ Filming is structured with key points, where she requested the associates to lock in the intentions and some gestures, and they will be diving into it on Thurs.

To imitate.

They were then invited to explore with their individual dumplings; to ‘rasa’ (feel) with different body parts, different placements and different angles. Some observations:

- Smell of one of the dumplings seeped into others.

- Valerie’s dumpling unravelled, which she then re-tied (did she see the its contents?).

- Dancing / feeling the item compared to becoming / embodying the item.

- Each associate was reflecting on their personal journey with their dumplings.

To feel.

Hasyimah then shared a creative-thinking tool for better reference and recollection on Thursday; to think of a colour, symbol and image for their ideas / concepts. Syimah shared that hers would be ‘lendeh’ (slimy), sticky and scanning (in reference to the red-light district in Geylang). Hasyimah shared that hers would be itchy.

Haziq and Liyana then shared a duet they have created based on their experience during the workshops. They then shared the photos / photos of things that they took and questioned the shadows and / or what is left behind.

To recall.

Disclaimer: As much as we will attempt to record the process, this journal does not necessarily reflect the artistic direction or intention of the work. This is our interpretation as we experience it with the artists and collaborators.

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