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District 18: Activation 6

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

| Documentation by Syarifuddin Sahari |

10 February 2019, 10 am - 12 pm

On-site at Tampines Round Market and Food Center (TRMFC)

This is the earliest timing for rehearsals so far, and it is also the most crowded presumably from breakfast. There were barely any empty tables and chairs around and there were a lot of queues and people walking around with food; it felt more like a hawker center as compared to during the previous rehearsals.

IMG_6690 & IMG_6693

It was the the fullest and rowdiest the hawker center has been for District 18 so far.

At the start, Haizad updated those that were not present during the previous rehearsal about what they discussed regarding the costume. After which, he instructed them to head to their respective areas and sense the space, as there were a lot more people around, for 30 minutes. As for the musicians, they were to go around the TRMFC to identify the sounds around the area, similar to the sensing exercise (Sight Sound Smell) the dancers carried out a few rehearsals ago.

It posed a challenge for dancers since it was clearly a new setting with presence of many people at TRMFC. The question of intrusion came into light again and this exercise could be considered a test to experience residents’ reactions and responses to us “aliens” coming into their space, comfort zone and home.


It was the first field test of District 18.

During this period, a realisation sets in. At that moment in TRMFC, hundreds of people from many different demographics (i.e. age group, race, histories) were converging into the same space and sharing this exact moment. They could be going to TRMFC for various reasons, yet their presence definitely brought life to this 'pasar bulat' irregardless. Through observations made during past night rehearsals, people's absence left the TRMFC as an empty shell; it was as if the market “wakes up” every morning and goes to “sleep” together with its residents and stall owners.

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