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District 18: Show 2

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

17 March 2019, 10am - 1pm

On-site at Tampines Round Market and Food Center (TRMFC)

As they were setting up for the final show, the costumes started to attract the attention of the residents. Some even went up to have a closer look.


The costumes were an interesting sight to the residents, especially on a bright day.

Similar to the previous day, once everyone arrived, Haizad gathered them to share his notes from the previous show and requested they did his Last Breath to warm up and come together.


Final Last Breath for District 18.

Haizad’s notes were mainly to have eye contact with the audience especially when interacting, especially since there were considerably more people present. Apart from that, the audio track for Ji Ba Ban was fixed as it previously had an echo which threw the dancers off during the performance. Daryl then added and reiterated the importance of safety.

Haizad then wanted to have a final “briefing” with everyone, including the percussionists, Othman, Hasyimah and myself. It turns out he wanted to take the opportunity to give his thanks to everyone who had been working hard for District 18. He also shared his final words as well as formal apologies and appreciation. Everyone then took turns to express their gratitude and thoughts regarding their experience in developing the District 18 performance. After which, everyone stood by for the final show.


Final thoughts and words before performing District 18 for the last time.

Observations and notes from the show:

  • Were the residents/audience really listening and paying attention to the announcement at the start? Some were looking around going, “What’s happening/going on?”

  • Was it intrusive? “In your face”? Disruptive?

  • The dancers initially blended in amongst the crowd.

  • Did the presence of photographers and videographers alert the residents about the performance?

  • Daryl giving the cue for the dancers to put on their costumes was subtle, seemed to be from the crowd.

  • The lucky draw segment “forced” the residents/audience to be involved.

  • Some of the elderly were seen singing along and laughing during the Ji Ba Ban segment.

  • There was a rather awkward “Wooo…” from the dancers during the transition to Segment 3.

  • There was an applause from the audience after the percussionist “battle”.

  • The usually cranky-looking elderly lady watched the performance as she cleared the plates (she was also speaking in Chinese to which I was unable to understand).

  • It seemed like the audience were more engaged than the previous show.

  • The final part could have been a literal “pat yourself on the back” or patting each other on the back.

  • The costumes were like flags in the wind, and they could be flags of the people in TRMFC.

  • The applause was more resounding compared to the previous show.

After the performance, bittersweet farewells were exchanged before everyone proceeded to strike out.


This marked the end of District 18.

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