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District 18: Show 1

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

16 March 2019, 10am - 1pm

On-site at Tampines Round Market and Food Center (TRMFC)

Once everyone arrived, the equipment and props were set up. Final touches were also added onto the costumes. As mentioned during the previous day’s debrief, Haizad shared his notes before the dancers standby for the second show.


Giving notes in an open yet secluded corner.

His notes:

The drumroll during Ji Ba Ban transits to a sign language applause.

The singing during Ji Ba Ban can be louder.

Some notes about the trolleys on their heads and heads through the trolley handles.

The dancers need to spread out more across the center space and hawker center.

Clarified some details in the movement/choreography as well as the cues.

Assurance and that the audience not really aware of the site-specific performance.

He would be rushing off together with Hasyimah after the performance, so the dancers were to leave the trolleys in the middle for about 5 minutes before packing up and consuming their lunch.

After which, Daryl re-emphasised the safety of the audience as well as of themselves. He went through some of the other timings and cues as well as the clapping and singing during Ji Ba Ban. After which, the dancers warmed themselves up and proceeded to standby for the second show.


The stage was set for the show.

Observations and notes from the show:

  • Some audience members gave feedback saying “What is this?”

  • Them dancing in the heat were reminiscent of labourers toiling away under the sun.

  • There was some audience interaction, where they responded or played along with the performers.

  • Some of the audience members did not seem to understand what was happening, or they seemed to be uninterested to watch the performance.

  • There were people (either from AYN or NAC) giving out surveys during the performance. It may interrupt them in experiencing the performance. The audience have not fully watched the performance to give a proper response. However, it could be to save time and to get them to participate in the survey before they leave immediately after the performance.

  • During the percussionist “battle”, a man jumped in to dance together with the performers.

  • Some audiences were seen moving along during the Ji Ba Ban segment.

  • Singing Ji Ba Ban in an outdoor, crowded and noisy environment was a challenge to the dancers.

  • The performance can be considered out-of-place, weird and/or random; was it relatable to the audience who are watching for the first time and not given a context or introduction of the performance?

  • It was deep in meaning and symbolisms.

  • A child went up and gave one of the dancers his fan, perhaps because it was a hot day. It showed the empathy and human nature of a child.

  • Pieces of the costumes were flying off, intentional or not, it could represent something as well.

After the performance, the dancers gathered near the sound console and some audience members came up to talk to them about the performance. Everyone was then dismissed and proceeded to have their lunch from Kayat stall.


The end of the performance.


Feedback from the audience before dismissing.

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