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District 18: Youths X Elderly 3

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

3 March 2019, 12 pm - 2 pm

On-site at Tampines Round Market and Food Center (TRMFC)

There were no dancers present for this and it was conducted by both Haizad and Hasyimah. There were also 2 observers, Anirban Sen, the organiser of Arts In Your Neighbourhood and Ryan. In addition, there were 6 youths from Layar Andayu ITE College East.

It started off with Haizad’s last breath in the alley between stalls 138 and 26 Soya Bean, for them to get a sense of the space. Everyone then proceed to walk 1 round through TRMFC for the Sight Sound Smell exercise, again, without talking to each other. Similar to some of the rehearsals that were held at this time, the hawker center was very crowded and everyone had to weave among the residents.

IMG_6922 & IMG_6923

Sight Sound Smell with a different crowd.

As with the previous Sight Sound Smell exercises, everyone then had to jot down their observations on pieces of paper. There was a group of elder Chinese men curiously looking over at the group writing on pieces of colourful paper. It could be perhaps that this was an unusual sight with outsiders coming in to do projects at TRMFC.


Perhaps it is not every day you see a group of youths doing a project in a hawker center, let alone TRMFC.

After writing, everyone shared what they have written down on their pieces of paper. They were more reserved in sharing their thoughts and speaking out, possibly due to it being their first time in a new situation/environment. As they were sharing, Haizad and Hasyimah also shared some the stories they have learnt after the 11 rehearsals they have had in TRMFC, as well as the values and lessons they have learnt from the hawkers and stall owners. They also mentioned about the status of TRMFC and its upcoming renovations.


An exchange of observations, stories, values and lessons.