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First Meeting, 05 November 2019

9 pm - 12 am

Haizad and Syimah’s Abode

The very first meeting for Jiwang was a discussion held at Haizad and Syimah’s home to get the initial thoughts and processes moving before the year concludes and other projects come in, so as to allow the collaborators to incubate and deepen their understanding. Such a location was conducive and relevant to the topic as it brings about a sense of familiarity, cosiness and comfort. The collaborators, Jonit, Sharul, Syimah and Haizad have different relationships with the term jiwang, which is subjective and broad by itself, and Haizad would like to streamline its role and definition in the context of the full-length work.


The setting for the discussion was unconventional yet relevant.

Haizad started off the discussion by sharing what he has researched as well as his perspective on jiwang, while the others also chipped in their thoughts:

  • Memories/Reminiscence

  • Places associated with such songs

  • Triggers of sadness

  • Sad songs/songs about loss

  • Escapism

  • Sadness

  • Many levels of sadness, and acknowledging that everyone’s sadness is subjective

  • Managing/Coping with sadness

  • Identifying sadness as an experience and/or emotion

  • Vulnerability/Being vulnerable