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Session 3 - Of Youth & Living in the Moment

Writer-in-residence, Kembali: Liyana Nasyita

Engagement date: 16 June 2022


On 16 June 2022, we celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri with the elders. Adorned with colourful baju kurung and jubah (long dresses), the elders arrived with wide smiles. Although the celebration was delayed, the elders still showed their gratitude and excitement to meet their friends and enjoy their day.

The day started with a Malay dance performance by Haizad and Syimah from P7:1SMA where they did a Malay dance repertoire called Serampang Dua Belas, which describes a story of courtship of two lovers which begins with love at first sight and ends with a beautiful marriage.

As the performance went on, I observed the elders’ cheerful glees and gazes. They clapped their hands and swayed their bodies ever so slightly along with the music. When Syimah shared about Serampang 12 after the performance, I caught a few of the elders putting their hands to their hearts.

Glimpses of gratitude and appreciation peek through the elders’ reactions, where I wonder if they are living their life to their fullest, or they may have regrets unspoken.

Soon after, we played some games such as building the tallest figure with straws and creating the longest line with twine. As each group of elders work together to contest the other team, I can see them putting their best and their team spirit.

I gleaned their youth as they were having fun and laughing at their own antics – whereupon I smiled to myself and thought, maybe it’s alright not to think too much and live in the moment, as the elders were doing.


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