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Rehearsal 1, 24 January 2020

1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Stamford Arts Centre: Arts Resource Hub & Rumah P7:1SMA

The first rehearsal started with a meeting in the Arts Resource Hub to have a discussion.

Activity 1:

- sharing of Jiwang slang and meaning

- the ‘Jiwa’ in Jiwang (jiwa = soul)

- collection of Jiwang songs: 26 songs

- deconstruct and investigate what self, society and worldview of ‘jiwang’

- conflict: will the audience be searching for what and where is the Jiwang in this dance performance?

Performance ideas/ format:

- projector slides to show band names

- bite sized of 26 diff songs & dance

- in between have rest time, like the sports HIIT (interval training)

- some songs

Dance floor:

- hire crew to set up sprung floor

- order white Marley floor

Resource for Malay lyrics:

- all English translations of the 26 Malay song lyrics to be avail if artists need to refer to

- caution that lyrics will not limit imagination of the dance

Ideas for marketing:

- Create Spotify playlist

- popsicle karaoke contest

- possibly to attend / link up with Malay music festival in February in Sg (newboyz)


- colour of colonizer countries i.e. British, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese

- shoes

In depth sharing:

To project on screen

- Translation of Malay band names to English

- Linking to chronological timeline of Singapore

- chance encounter for Title of song & lyrics

To engage researchers / come for previews & Show:

- Malay language expert

- Singapore history expert

- Malay music / lyricists expert

After the discussion, they then started exploring the possibilities of the songs Haizad has selected. The songs are chosen based on the band names, which are then adapted to portray several moments, aspects, and issues the Malay community in Singapore have experienced or are currently experiencing. These songs are then arranged in a sequence that suggests a narrative of their historical lineage, from the discovery of Temasek to the current affairs.