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Rehearsal 12, 09 July 2020

9am – 1pm

Rumah P7:1SMA

Haizad started off the rehearsal by updating the performers about the developments of the production along with some of its technical aspects:

- The recording location is now changed to Drama Centre Black Box

o There will now be a 7m x 7m white box demarcated on the floor

- Sudden short discussion on what they learnt about Sudirman’s death and his story

- As for the solos:

o Haizad decided for them to be done lyrically.

o They were to inform Daryl what they prefer their lighting to be.

o For now, Haizad’s lighting will include a diagonal line, and Sharul’s lights will be colourful.

- As for Song 5, the duets:

o Light will gradually become “smaller”, at the end of the segment only fitting one in the light.

o The audience will be able to choose who is in that light at the end of the segment.

- As for Song 6:

o The stool will be used as the make-up table, situated upstage center.

o Folding of clothes will be in the middle of the stage.

o The cup noodles, accompanied by newspaper and a candle will be downstage right.

§ Clearance will be required for using the candle in the black box.

o The one doing the plank will be downstage left.

o Haizad might want to do 3 or 4 configurations for the performers, 1 for each song.


Updates and clarifications.

The performers then proceeded to tailor the choreography for the Umbrella segment, Song 7, to each of the 4 songs, while keeping in mind the placement of props from the previous segments. Since there are 4 songs and there are 4 performers, one of them will be “featured” in each song and will be the first to enter the space for the allocated song. There are also small differences in positioning due to the different sequence of entry for each song. It was also mentioned by Haizad that they will have to remember the small differences in the choreographies and timings for each song. At the end of the segment, the performers will come together with their umbrellas downstage left. The transition or ending of the segment has not been determined yet, after arranging the umbrellas.


The end of the segment.