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Rehearsal 16, 19 July 2020

9am – 6pm

Rumah P7:1SMA

Haizad started off the rehearsal by going through and clarifying the intentions of each song and segment, as it is their final rehearsal before recording. He also reiterated that the whole production is a combo of dance, film and karaoke, and they have been studying the aesthetics of jiwang music videos.


Firming down the intentions.

Ideas & Intentions for solos:

- Haizad → Mercy

o Under block culture

o On the verge of giving up

o Dark history

o Pain is alive

o Sunglasses – Singer always performs with sunglasses

§ Epitome of mat (identity, trend, menyampah)

o Straight line – Heartbroken, tunnel vision

o Lyrics are cheesy

o Rahmat = Mercy, blessing

o Biography – band, Ekamatra

o 1-dimensional goal, future, brotherhood

§ “1-way thinking” / “1 pathway to success”

o Emotions of blessing and mercy

- Syimah → Longing / Hope

o Longing, flashback

o Relation: tough as a person no matter the obstacles

§ Human connection + Connection with self

o Teringin = She longs, hoping

o Personally prefers to not deal with emotions directly

o Flashback is body spasm; physical reaction to thoughts

o Does not feel right moving

o Water; best if other dancers don’t pour, so as not to see their hands

§ Tears in lyrics; lack of emotion so using tears from external sources

o Tacky overlays of zooming shots

- Xiao Jun → Emotions

o Perasaan

o Cheesy

o Song has disco vibes