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Rehearsal 2, 3 February 2020

2pm – 4pm

Rumah P7:1SMA

This was the first rehearsal with the Assistant Stage Manager present, Adi Aiyad, whom P7:1SMA has worked with previously.

The rehearsal started with the Alleycats segment, which is about drug addicts. The segment is mainly showcasing drug addicts coming together, placing their hands in a pile (to perhaps absorb the drugs), having “tingle” and allowing the affects and side effects of the drugs to take over/energy to flow in. They presented concepts such as euphoria, melancholy, hallucination and losing conscious awareness.

IMG_9492, IMG_9493

Addicted “cats” in the open.

After going through a few times and fine-tuning the segment, the collaborators continued on with the Umbrella segment, and first recalled the choreography that was set during the previous rehearsals. Haizad mentioned that he would like to incorporate the superstition of jangan buka payung dalam rumah, nanti ada ular (“discouraging the opening of umbrellas indoors, otherwise a snake would appear”).

This time, the collaborators were able to rehearse with actual umbrellas found in the studio. Haizad then initiated the tweaking of formations and refining of certain parts to add more clarity to the concept he was trying to portray, as well as adding in elements of playfulness/cheekiness to further accentuate the narrative. As they were rehearsing, the collaborators had some trouble identifying the parts of the song as it was rather similar throughout, which they resolved to playing the music from the start.

IMG_9494, IMG_9497

The umbrellas were a key visual in the umbrella Malay folk dance.

Observational notes/thoughts from the Umbrella segment rehearsal:

- The phrase payung tak payung

o Supposed to protect/shelter but does not necessarily do so or not completely

- Correlation between shelter, hide and protect.

- The transferring of the umbrella; transferring of protection/role of protector?

o Especially so with the swapping of genders in a gendered dance.

- The controlled/slow/careful opening and closing of the umbrella, as compared to allowing the umbrella to spring open by itself

o Gentleness of being a protector?

o Fragility of protection?

- The scanning of the protected

o Better appreciation/emphasis on the value and importance of protecting

o One would not be able to protect something they do not understand