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Rehearsal 5, 11 February 2020

7pm – 10:45pm

Rumah P7:1SMA

The studio was set up similarly to how it would be during the preview. Haizad first described the contents of each Toyogo box with the collaborators and had everyone change into their costumes. He then informed them that the preview will be in Rumah instead of the black box and that the Screen segment had been removed from the work. The preview will only include the audio tracks and will not have any lighting or light cues. He then quickly went through the flow of the work from start till end.


The positions of the Toyogo boxes at some point of the performance.

The collaborators then went on to rehearse the Medicine segment, which portrays bomoh (“witch doctor”), nasi kangkang (“love spell using a woman’s menstrual blood”) and supernatural possession. It consists of a “love” story, as well as the involvement of a bomoh, through medicine and magic.

The segment is as follows:

- Syimah will lie down outside the space with a cloth over her face (presumably a corpse), and is carried into it by Sharul and Xiao Jun.

- Haizad then brings in a tray (presumably with his ingredients/tools) and sits near Syimah’s head.

- Xiao Jun comes in with a rice cooker/pot of rice and prepares the nasi kangkang

- Sharul comes in with a newspaper and reads it in the opposite corner.

- Haizad conducts a ritual that brings Syimah to life, who then jumps and moves around in an erratic manner.

- Xiao Jun serves the rice to Sharul, who then plays with himself as she seductively walks away.

- Syimah is sent by Haizad to kill Xiao Jun.

- Her corpse is then brought to Haizad (presumably the ingredient for the next spell).

- Sharul reaches a climax, signified through the opening of an umbrella.

o Which Haizad later pointed out could be a reference to tongkat ali (“longjack”: believed to be similar to Viagra for males)


An overview of the Medicine segment.

After rehearsing and refining the segment a few times, the collaborators then went on to rehearse the Slam segment, which represents the time of the Japanese Occupation and the soldiers carrying out their duties.

For this segment, what takes place is: