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Rehearsal 9, 27 February 2020

7pm – 10:30pm

Rumah P7:1SMA

This entry is the transcript of a conversation through an audio recording.

H: Haizad HS: Hasyimah SS: Syimah Sabtu

S: Sharul XJ: Xiao Jun A: Adi

(Start of transcript)

H: Okay, so we’re gonna talk about love. We gonna relate to the state of being romantic right.

XJ: Should we have candles?

HS: We have, we have candles that can last 25 hours. Eh let’s talk in the dark.

SS: That’ll be nice.

XJ: It’ll be romantic, right?

HS: Should we take off clothes?

All: Huh??

H: No.

S: Where’d that come from?

(Everyone laughs)

HS: Adi come join us, you can also share.

S: Beside me, come.

(Lights up candle, switches off lights)

H: Okay so first question, or maybe this is the only question, just want you to share: how romantic are you?

All: HUH?! (HS exclaiming the loudest)

SS: I think we should let her go first.

S: We should take the test, there’s a website where you…

XJ: The love languages right? The five love languages.

H: Okay, uh, how romantic are you; I just want you to share with me, whether this is before you are in whatever relationship, meaning you are pursuing it or already are in a relationship. Recall back your personal encounters. This romantic aspect, don’t think about the result, or what’s the thing you did or how you feel about it. Detach the result part, rejection etc. You felt like the most romantic moment in your life. Don’t relate to your family, relate to your love partner.

SS: It could be at any point of your life that you felt like that was the most romantic part of your life?

H: Ya. But in love relationship, like really not family or cat or whatever.

SS: My cat is offended.

XJ: My bed is offended/affected.

(Moment of silence as everyone recalls)

H: Even if you have a heart of stone, so what is the most romantic, how romantic are you?

HS: Can be more than one?

H: Choose one.

SS: This is terrible man.

XJ: But it depends on what is your definition of romantic too.

S: I don’t feel it if I’m the giver, if I’m receiving then it touches my heart more.

H: Not you as a receiver. At the moment you cannot tell, or you don’t care this is a cheesy moment or what, it’s as if someone is going down on one knees to ask to marry, that romantic, or you surprise someone with I don’t know, chocolate cake, you know, just recall and tap on this feeling.

HS: I think when I feel romantic, I don’t really care whether the person like it or not, but it makes me feel good about myself.

H: So what is it?

HS: And actually my romantic-ness is very outward, I want everybody to know that I will do anything for the person. So I think my most romantic was when I planned a birthday party, and I invited everybody that my partner didn’t like, but I just invited anyway. It’s people who I want to show that I am very romantic, so it’s a bit cynical. I thought I was doing the most romantic thing.