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Residency Day 1, 26 January 2020

2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Rumah P7:1SMA

The rehearsal started off with a collective last breath followed by a task by Haizad, whereby the head and body have to move in opposition to a metaphoric torchlight, which is a singularity that the body extends away from. The audio he played was of a consistent single tone/bass.


Last breath as the start of the residency.

He then gathered the cast to give an opening brief and introduction to the residency, which was to have a more intense and condensed rehearsal period as well as to have the collaborators experience each other’s jiwang by having them stay together. He also added that he would prefer the process to be more collaborative rather than didactic and that he would (of course) be known as the conceptualiser.

After which, he invited them to carry out the first task, which is to individually walk the perimeter of the studio in one breath, saying “Aaaaaaa,” as they went along. He emphasised to not run, not moan or vocalise other sounds and not hum. After the first round, to complete success by the cast, they had to carry out the task again however this time to 1.5x around the perimeter, this time to varying degrees of success. Strategies and tips were shared to sustain their breaths, however they realised it takes practice and conditioning to do so.


The first task of the residency had simple instructions yet met with varying success.

After a short exchange of what they learned and realised during the task, Haizad invited the cast to continue exploring the list of songs, picking up from the previous rehearsal.

(song sequence): (band name) - (song title) → (portrayal/embodiment/expression)

Disambiguation of band name

- Observations and Interpretations (from Haizad and Documentarian)

Song 15: U-topia – Inikah Cinta Kita → Ideal Nation/Model citizen

- Handcuff

- Sleeping

- Sufi-ism

- Standing [in an ideal place]

Song 16: Spider