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SWF Dirty Feet: 28 October 2019

| Documentation by Chloe Chotrani |

We have created a structured performance flow:

Scene 1: Kampong

Music: Anak Ayam 

Materials: rattan hats, clothing line, batik, guni sack

Time: Aim 5:00

  • Greeting by Syimah to Papa to go in the house

  • Music cue: Syimah and Shaw bring kids in

  • Mama & Papa cleaning the house 

  • Four eights Kampung dance by Ali and Salama

  • Tableau: four images to establish this is a family house, the family is hungry! 

  • Game: write R I C E on the rattan hats, point and find out which one

  • Pour guni sack with no rice 

Scene 2: Abu has a Baby!

Material: card board boxes, paint (only on stage) shop house stuff 

Music: Ren Tak Oonik — Najib Ali (till 1:02) 

Time: 2:00 

  • Music stops: “Help” - Jonit, shop lady 

  • Ali and Salama help shop lady with boxes with children 

  • Jonit passes the boxes to Ali, Salama and all the children, bring boxes to the stage 

  • “It is a boy” “Let’s paint to celebrate!”

  • Go up on stage to paint and design the shop house 

  • Painting on stage (two minutes only) 

  • Baby celebration dance! Two sets

  • Music stops: “Catch Fish! Get Rice!” - Bin 

  • Cast repeat: “Catch Fish! Get Rice!” 

  • Children repeat: “Catch Fish! Get Rice!” 

Scene 3: Battle Dance 

Materials: water guns, cardboard boxes, Milo packet  

Music: Eye of the Tiger

Time: 5:00

  • Ali and Salamat teaching battle dance to kids 

  • Crawl with boxes on head to go to the jungle! 

  • Ali, Salama sit down with children to prepare to watch Jungle dance while having some Milo or snacks 

Scene 4: Jungle Obstacle (Walk, Crawl, Cross) 

Music: Rio Arriba — Chacha Via Circuito

Time: 5:00

  • Jungle dance! 

  • Ali and Salama will demonstrate freeze and melt game, children to follow 

  • Freeze and melt game

  • Attack the animals with the battle dance they learned! 

  • Kill all monsters, die die die 

  • The child will bring the net (black cloth) 

  • Cross over the river 

  • *Ah Leng, Mama and Papa stand by for final scene 

Scene 5: Catch the Queen Fish 


Time: 5:00

  • After crossing the river, suddenly there is the Queen fish on her thrown 

  • Ali, Salama and children try to the net over the Queenfish

  • On the third try, the Queenfish is caught!

  • After catching the Queenfish, go back to Kampong 

  • Chanting “Catch Fish! Get rice!” While walking around to the shop house

  • Go to the stop house to exchange the fish for rice 

Scene 6: Rice Dance Celebration! 

Music: Indignados — Kefaya

Material: rice grains

Time: 5:00

  • Bring the rice to the house

  • Ali and Salama receive rice bag 

  • Pass rice cups to and pour on 

  • 10 cups 

  • Rice dance starts! 

  • After rice dance, continue dancing Ren Tak Oonik

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