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SWF Dirty Feet: 30 October 2019

| Documentation by Chloe Chotrani |

We do a test run with the audience: three adults, three children. There are larger shifts in the energy and dynamics of the performers. Working with children, one has to improvise depending on group dynamic, age range, mood levels, etc. We also realise the importance of keeping strong communication between Ali and Salama. Since they have the responsibility of carrying the crowd through.


  • Transition too fast to Najib Ali, need to extend transition 

  • Last scene, can use the hats to wear, because it’s an obstruction 

  • Difficult to scene the story without Sonia’s presence 

  • Improve vocalization, need to be stronger to get children’s attention 

  • Queen fish needs to look more like a fish

  • Distinguish Jonit’s character from shop lady to fish 

Comments from audience: 

  • Pre-show: practice taking off shoes before going into the house 

  • Can talk to the children normally 

  • Transitions need more time to register and settle 

  • In battle dance: establish that Shaw is a monster, first 

  • Need to check the floor for any sharp objects before the performance 

  • Nice to allow children to decide what to do next, giving them agency

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