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SWF Dirty Feet: 29 October 2019

| Documentation by Chloe Chotrani |

A few days before the first performance, we finalize details:

Costume, bring tomorrow: 

  • Grey, white, black

  • Use accessories to distinguish characters

  • Accessories that can be easily removed, stacked away, etc. 

  • Mama, visor cap, sarong

  • Papa, mustache, sarong

  • Ali, stach

  • Salama, flower clip 

  • Shop lady, head wrap 

  • Shop man, good morning towel

Materials needed, bring what’s possible: 

  • Water spray 

  • Umbrella — tudung saji for food 

  • Rice

  • Face paint 

  • Crushed newspaper

  • Queenfish throne

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