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SWF Dirty Feet: 7 October 2019

| Documentation by Chloe Chotrani |

We were all assigned to watch Cerita Anak (Child’s Story) by Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Polyglot Theatre at Esplanade as inspiration for Ghost with Dirty Feet. We had a collective discussion on our responses to the play.

Based on our observations of Cerita Anak

We discussed:

Are we exploring a response of the Ghost with Dirty Feet?

Or are we re-iterating the story?

What is essential to be included in the performance??

We then physicalized it and created the following scenes:

Scene 1:

There is no food for the family.

We then hunt for the king fish to exchange for rice.

Scene 2:

There is an adopted child.

She is insecure and fearful of being given away.

Scene 3:

Exploring nicknames.

Name calling as a positive experience through call & response game.

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